Nice Buns: Totoro Week Round-up!

So Totoro week has come to an end, and I couldn’t let this week go by without baking one more Totoro themed goody! I woke up bright and early this morning to whip up these soft, fluffy and adorable pull-apart buns - inspired by Bento Monsters of course. With a few adaptions here and there, I don't think they turned out too bad for a first attempt! They truly were just what I kneaded to complete the week ;)

I eliminated the sugar from the original recipe, adding honey and matcha instead! If you're in need of some high quality matcha, head on over here

To make the Susuwatari, I simply dyed the leftover dough black. The eyes are made from white fondant, and the details are all piped on with royal icing. 

The fun doesn’t stop here! Check out these links from some dedicated Totoro lovers:

Totoro-lly irresistible buns, black sesame toffee cookies AND pumpkin whoopie pies (say whaaaatt) from Totoro Queen Steph

Whimsical cookies by one of my favourites Lyndsay!

Syliva made these PEARFECT little pies

Kaitlin’s apple pie + the cutest TOTORONUTS from last year!

This Totoro katsudon by Emily is making me salivate

Matcha love,
Vickie x