French Llama Cookies & MINI Pastries

This may be a surprise to you, but I didn't have that much of a sweet tooth until I began baking a few years ago. Now desserts are a huge part of my life, and I can barely go a day without consuming something sweet. Reminiscing about my food adventures from past travels led me to create these fun and quirky cookies based on two things that never fail to make me smile - llamas and french pastries! Keep scrolling to see what I dreamt up. 



  • Your favourite sugar cookie recipe - you can find mine here
  • Royal Icing
  • Gel food colouring: beige, red, blue & black
  • Egg wash
  • Cocoa powder


  1. Make your favourite sugar cookie recipe, and leave to chill for a few hours, or overnight.
  2. Whip up some royal icing, and dye into beige, red, blue and black. Transfer into piping bags.

1. Cut out dough with llama cookie cutter. To make the beret, use the top of of a small raindrop or circle cookie cutter, then roll a tiny ball for the tip. Cut off the top left or right corner of the llama, then attach the beret with egg white. Bake and cool completely.
2. Ice the cookie with beige icing, leaving the face, beret, feet and top half blank. Leave to set.
3. Pipe on the face with white icing, and add on the striped top in preferred colours. Pipe on the tip of the beret, and leave to dry.
4. Pipe on the beret and the feet. Leave to dry completely. 
5. Add on the scarf, heart, and pipe on the facial expressions with black royal icing. Get creative! You can add some quirky details to make your llamas unique, such as moustaches, glasses and bow ties.

*To speed up the royal icing drying process, place cookies in oven on the lowest temperature for 10-15 minutes between each layer drying. The top layer will form a crust, and you can continue decorating with icing.
*Royal icing generally takes at least 6 - 8 hours to dry completely, though could be longer depending on the climate you live in. If packaging cookies, allow them to dry overnight for the best results.


1. Roll out cookie dough to a thin sheet, then cut into triangles as you would with a regular croissant.
2. Roll up into the shape of a croissant, then pinch the two ends closer together and brush with egg wash. 
3. Bake until golden brown.


1. Roll a strip of dough in the palm of your hands, until you’ve reached a length and shape you are happy with. Cut slits on the top with a small knife, then bake until slightly browned. 
2. Using a small brush, brush on cocoa powder for extra texture and detailing. 


1. Roll thin strips of dough in the palm of your hands, then cut to desired length. Ensure the edges are all rounded.
2. Bake and cool completely. Decorate the top with flood consistency brown royal icing, then add a dot of white icing on one end.


Cake Slice
Hand cut a mini slice of cake. You can use a template, or do it free hand. Bake and cool.
2. Decorate the cake base with white and beige icing, then add on red details for the strawberries. 


I hope you like these French inspired llama cookies and mini pastries as much as I enjoyed making them.
Have a llamazing day!