Digital content for the new Chobani Flip launch in Australia. I created 2 fun & colourful stop motion videos to showcase the ingredients and flavours of the convenient new snack.

A key message highlighted was 'Turn snacking upside down', which I executed in a captivating and creative way. 

*Click the image to view stop motion animation.


To promote the release of Finding Dory on DVD and BluRay, I was asked to create a Finding Dory themed treat. The aim was to inspire others to get crafty, and make their own Finding Dory inspired projects.

*Click the image to view stop motion animation.


For the release of DreamsWorks Koukou, a new range of DreamWorks characters that take on the cute form of dumplings; I was given a brief to make a playful stop motion video to highlight the collectible bite sized buddies.  

I went a step further and added in extra animation details to bring the video to life. 

*Click the image to view stop motion animation.

Post 2.jpg


I worked with Fanta to help announce the re-branding and changes which recently occurred.
I was given a brief to create fruity, bold content, with the addition of vibrant colours. 

I put emphasis on the new logo, packaging, flavours, and the introduction of new products. Adding a dash of quirk into the images, this is one of the 3 photos which I produced for the campaign. 




The brief for Fuze Tea was to present different flavour combinations, inspired by the new range of fusions. I created a mesmerizing stop motion animation, which was also a serving suggestion for that particular flavour. 

*Click the image to view stop motion animation.

Kikki.K final.png


Along with a few other creatives around the globe, I was invited to participate in the campaign to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of kikki.K's cute diary collection. 

Using my medium of cookie art, I re-created my own edible version of the 2017 special edition diary. My cookies were also on display in one of kikki.K's stores. 

Fushimi Inari Shrine.jpg


I teamed up with Olympus to create a number of posts, showcasing a few of my favourite moments from my trip to Japan. I intertwined my passions of baking and travelling while working on this collaboration. 

My aim was to integrate the cookies into an iconic background or landmark, in a unique and memorable way. 




Pocky was one of my favourite childhood snacks while growing up, so it was a privilege to work with them to showcase their most iconic flavours in food art form. 

Adding a touch of my own style to bring the cookies to life, I steered towards a a pop culture style vibe with vibrant colours, and a clear contrast between the background and foreground. 



Making the ultimate pancake stack, with the help of Woolworths pre-made pancake mix for Pancake Day. 

Working creatively both in appearance and flavour, I created this magical strawberries and cream unicorn stack adorned with fresh fruit, cream, and flowers for Woolworths.